Dietitians quickly becoming one of the most important positions in retail stores

My local  grocery store chain, Giant Foods, has long believed that dietitians are an important part of the service they offer to customers.  I can remember hearing Odonna Matthews’ soothing voice encouraging healthy eating over the store sound system when my kids were young.  In the last few years consumers across the country who shop at many regional chains have gained the opportunity to  seek health and wellness tips from in-store dietitians.

Check out this article from Ad Age – “The Next Big Marketing Weapon for Supermarkets—The Dietician”.   Through our Treat Right educational initiative NCA has been listening to grocery dietitians and sharing information with them for the last 2 or 3 years on how to incorporate small  amounts of candy into our lives. I’m happy to know the grocery store dietitian is being appreciated for the important role they serve at the corporate and shopper level.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, nearly one third of supermarkets employ dietitians at the store level with another 86 percent employing them at the corporate level.  Does your local grocery store have an on-site dietitian? What methods do they use to communicate with you before or after your shopping trip?