Teach children to eat mindfully

A new research report just published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics adds to the growing body of evidence that restrictive diets can adversely affect children’s weight later in life.

According to the research, in the long run we parents don’t do our children much good if we withhold certain foods or if we insist they are members of the clean plate club.  Here’s a little review  of the research in layman’s terms.

The key is teaching children to eat mindfully and enjoy physical activity. Eating mindfully means taking the time to focus on what you are eating. It means noticing the taste, look and smell of the food which in turn makes it more fulfilling and enjoyable to eat.

Want tips on eating candy mindfully? How do you encourage mindful eating or physical activity in your household?


  1. Alison says:

    I tell my kids to enjoy their candy treat by eating it slowly and savoring every bite. If they ask me for more, I remind them that candy is meant to be enjoyed in moderation rather than big quantities…and that they can always have more tomorrow. The supply is never cut off… in our house, candy is a small, DAILY pleasure!