Candy from the 1990s


I attended a 90s-themed party a few weeks ago and was asked, as is pretty typical when you work here at NCA, to bring some themed candy.

I turned to fellow Candy Dish blogger Susan who graduated from high school in 1992 (as Allison recently mentioned). We put together this phat (<– note my use of the 90s vernacular) assortment of candy. Not all of it was invented in the 90s, but most of it was pretty prevalent in the decade that brought us Friends, raves, The Simpsons, grunge fashion and Y2K panic.

Among my offerings: Push Pops, Bubble Tape, Ring Pops, Sour Jacks, Blow Pops, Baby Bottle Pops, Chiclets, Bubblicious, Bubble Yum and Airheads.

Peace Out.


  1. Angela Bishop says:

    I graduated in 1990. More of my candy memories were from the 80′s. Marathon Bar, Razzles, Chicklets, Nerds, Now n laters, Fun Dip, Pop Rocks, Candy Cigarettes…

    • Susan W says:

      I hear ya. It was hard for me to separate 80s candy from 90s candy, Angela. Most of my memories were 80s products, too. In fact, I’m sure there was some crossover in Zara’s candy bowl because of that!