Smart Snack in Schools allow for occasional treats


USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak: “We were able to achieve this goal [of promoting healthy food choices] while still giving schools flexibility to continue important traditions like fundraisers and bake sales, and preserve parents’ ability to send in homemade lunches and birthday cupcakes.

Recently Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsak announced “Smart Snacks in Schools“, new federal nutrition standards for foods sold in schools.  The rules apply to all foods sold in school cafeterias, vending machines and snack bars and mean that traditional standard size candy bars will no longer be available for purchase during school hours.

NCA and its members support these new rules and agree with the Secretary that “nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our children.”  We’re pleased the Secretary noted that “birthday cupcakes and lunch box treats” , or, in other words, foods that Mom or Dad provide, will remain part of the fun of school.  The same goes for foods sold during after school activities and for other special events.

On occasion foods like candy, in moderation,  will continue to add a little happiness during the school year under the new rules.  Awesome.