Giving out floss on Halloween? Weirdo, says Verizon commercial


Have you guys seen the hilarious Verizon ad featuring the family dressed as Star Wars characters (including the Darth Vader dog)? They are out trick or treating and using their Verizon smart phones to find the best candy (“Ooh. House down the street has full sized candy bars.”). At the end, the son lets everyone know they have to stay away from 32 Elm Street.

Son: He’s a dentist. He’s giving out floss.

Dad: Weirdo.

Now we’re BIG fans of proper dental hygiene around these parts and I personally floss every day (it’s true – ask my dentist!), but giving floss to trick-or-treaters? Please. That’s the real nightmare on Elm Street, in my opinion.*

Well, maybe it’s OK to give out a piece of candy AND floss.

What do you think?

Here’s the commercial.

* The actual Nightmare on Elm Street house was number 1428 and was for sale earlier this year. It was sold for $2.1 million and has orange kitchen counter tops. Another nightmare on Elm Street if you ask me.