Cool video explores the science of chocolate


Last week, a fun video on the science of chocolate was released by SciShow, a series of science-related videos on YouTube. The program is hosted by Hank Green who is one half of the VlogBrothers. Hank’s delivery reminds me a lot of Alton Brown, so if you appreciate the style of Alton’s TV show, Good Eats, you’ll probably be into Hank. We’re not sure everything presented in the video is entirely scientifically accurate, but it’s certainly entertaining.

If you’ve watched our Story of Chocolate video, you already have a good understanding of where chocolate comes from and how it’s grown. This video takes a more in depth look at the chemical and scientific properties of chocolate – like what is theobromine, what effect does it have on your body, and why is it bad for dogs and cats?

One area of cocoa science Hank left out is the science on cocoa flavanols. While he attributed chocolate’s vasodilator effects (which could be related to heart health) to theobromine, most recent evidence has focused on a different naturally intrinsic component of cocoa called flavanols.

Either way, I really like his closing remarks about enjoying the small chocolate cookies he breaks out at the end. Why? He’s careful to point out that he’s going to eat just one or two a day. Ahh, moderation.

That sounds like good advice to me, Hank!