The secret to happy kids?

Here is a great piece of news for children as well as parents: A new study, funded by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, discovered that “seven-year-olds are happier when they are allowed some sweets, snacks and television time, rather than none at all.”

The findings support the reasoning that non-restrictive but responsible parenting results in happier kids. We’ll take s’more news like that, please.

Nearly 13,000 children were surveyed as part of the study, which looked at various factors that impact children’s happiness or anxiety. The children were happiest when they got along well with siblings, enjoyed time with family on weekends and whose parents did not punish them by shouting or spanking.

The study said: “Being happier and lacking worry does not mean never having sweets, snacks and television. In fact, there was some indication in the results that higher well-being was more likely when these were enjoyed in moderation.”

The moral of the story? Summer is coming; let’s get out those s’mores (occasionally)!